Inhalt von Heft 2/2007:

Autor Titel

Michael Succow, Sebastian Schmidt Current landscape ecological research activities and nature conservation surveys by the Michael Succow Foundation and Greifswald University in Azerbaijan (II)
Kai Gauger Occurrence, Ecology and Conservation of wintering Little Bustards Tetrax tetrax in Azerbaijan
Sebastian Schmidt Vegetation and soil formation of Shirvan National Park, Azerbaijan
Sebastian Schmidt, Dorothea Pietzsch Contributions to the number of a Gazella subgutturosa subgutturosa population in Shirvan National Park, Azerbaijan
Cosima Tegetmeyer, Jan Peper, Jonathan Etzold, Sebastian Schmidt Conservation value of the shifting sand dune complex and lagoons in the Samur Divichi Lowlands (Northern Azerbaijan)
Jan Peper Conservation of alluvial forests at the Kura river in the Garayazi Reserve (Western Azerbaijan)
Frederik Noack,
Akif Hidayatov
The Economics of Forest Depletion in Southern Azerbaijan
Tobias Scharnweber, Michael Rietschel, Michael Manthey Degradation stages of the Hyrcanian forests in southern Azerbaijan